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Alsatian pottery in Soufflenheim

Welcome to Pottery Michel Streissel

Our MICHEL STREISSEL pottery can be found in Soufflenheim, a French village of potters that is over 1000 years old.

Our pottery is culinary strength, which allows it to resist all cooking temperatures. Passed down between generations, our pottery is known to add a unique flavor to dishes.

The clay we use comes directly from the Soufflenheim quarry, near which all of our pottery is produced locally at one of our two workshops.

Our pottery is traditionally sought after by those who appreciate its 19th century style - those with more modern tastes will appreciate our newest patented creation, the "Holzchumännele®" line.

You can also take a trip through time by visiting our old-style wood-fired kiln and see how during many centuries were produced pottery. Each individual piece of pottery fired in this kiln is uniquely marked by the flames and has its own unique character.

Come visit us soon to discover and enjoy the unique flavor that our cooking pottery gives to your dishes!



 Artisan potier d'Alsace



Poterie Alsacienne de Soufflenheim Artisanale et culinaire Michel Streissel